Thursday, 4 June 2015

6. Evils of Corruption

Evils of Corruption
It is very difficult to define corruption. Often it is used in the sense of giving or taking bribes. But what do we mean when we say, "Don't corrupt the young minds"?
Though its meaning is elusive, it's presence is very where. And it is as old as  man for Satan was there even before God breathed life into man. It was Satan who corrupted our ancient predecessor and caused his fall from Paradise. Not content with what he had done, Satan is still at work. And now is his golden age.
Prince or pauper or Prime Minister, young or old he has no discrimination, no racial prejudices, men or women all are equal. When he touches with his magic wand, all become his firm believers. Water gates, Before and Pamellas  are but a few of his chosen executives. Empires fall and rise, government come and go, wealth passes hands, heads roll and justice Shivers. An ordinary party member becomes a minister overnight, a student who cannot pass his examination, gets a class and he who is not fit to become an assistant become an officer. There is no place the devil cannot reach and no job he cannot accomplish.
But how to kill this million hooded dragon? It is not easy. The hands of few law is not Strong enough to catch it. No government can convict it and no court can punish it. But only the faceless common man can do it . When he raises his feeble voice and makes his protests audible, corruption beats a fast treat.
   by - Ishita shah