Thursday, 16 April 2015

1. Understanding of history

A  person who hates history, can never create history-Ishita shah
  Every time history is like a debate topic,mainaly to get it in mind.Due to that we dont get the real meaning of the word,many people,students and most importantly comman people take different n various contravention decision in their life.
Few days before one of my friend got angry by another person on saying'denominational' to 'Bal Gangadhar Tilak', but this thing should be take in consider that What is the basic or real meaning behind this statement said by him?
History of History :-
    It feels weird or strange to hear this but,it has very important place to study any important topic.
   Every subject,every topic and everything have their own different history behind it.If we see the taughts of 'freeman',we got the direct relation between the history and politics."History is the politics of past,politics is the history of present".
   On the subject of Revolution,aristotle's thinking was considerd idol by many people and on the basis of this only new laws are formed.
The thinking or thoughts of 'karl maxs' and 'mur'on revolution is like the cherry on the top.The real meaning of history was found in the thinking of 'marx',his historical materialism had given the another face to history even it has a story behind it.
     In todays world to write history is the biggest problem.The main thing of 'socialist' and 'historian' person is that to write history as it is,like a elite class people use to do.
If we started thinking n writing history frm base then we can analyse the importance and hardwork of poor farmers n workers/labours
There is one basic fault/default in Indian History Writing,in between soft and hard community their is nt any justice to the contribution of unknown community.When we try to understand history their are various puzzled problem which came into existance
1.Meaning of words-
      Meaning of words changes according to time and people started taking the various meaning of the same word.For example-'Hindu' word was firstly used by the 'Iranian people' for the people who lives on the bank of river 'Indus', but later the meaning changed of this word and a religious meaning was accepted.The word 'Hindustan' was now denoting to the whole country India(source-the wonder tht was India by A.L.basham) Incredible India!
2.In this way the real meaning of words changes but we should be very concise when we are reading or studing history.It is a simple problem in history to understand the simplicity of thoughts.
       3. It is a solution of the problem that historian should be concise about the past version (that means biased) or they should be worned or get stable before only.
This thing is known by us,tht without learning/reading history we cannot make our base strong if we memorize the thinking of 'Russou' that it is automatically proved tht,"A person who never think about the present n future,is a useless person and also known that the base of it is past only, without knowing the past we cannot create the faceline of present and future".
A person who hates history,can never create history. To create our own history it is necessary to develop maturity to understand history.
          -translated by Ishita shah