Saturday, 21 March 2015

Condition of women in indian society from ancient period :at a glance

suresh kumar pandey,
for 'ek soch jo alag ho'

was the condition of women good in vaidic period?
1.It is clear that vadic region is limited and centered only north west.dont give idea about entire india.we may not say .
2.In rigveda, more than 10 thousand sukta but maximum are composed by male ,some by female so it describes that there is no similarity between them. many example of god and goddess are got by us but majority and importance level is also high of male also it is clear that in ancient period there is no similarity between man and woman.
That time condition of some males were also similarity between them.society was fragmented on the basis of socially,politically,economically,religiously etc
But in buddism and jainism some example get that they were try to establish similarity between man and woman.
During Bhakti period, we get that similarity between man and woman is practised.
In saltnat period,rajia sultan and in mugal period nurjahan. Most frequent examples they are politically strong.meerabai and padmini(padmawat by malik mohmad jaysi) also important example.
Overall we may say that when any woman got chance then proved herself.but legally and practically no similarity and liberty for hers.
In modern period, we get also some examples sarijani naydu,usha mehta ,laxmi bai and more but it was exceptional not legally binding.
1.We talk about legal right , similarity,liberty and after french revolution(1789) independent india,some right are given to women by hindu code law(1956).it was the glorious step by pandit nehru.
3.there is no which women had rights and i mention a line labour class and haves not women have more libert and freedom in comparisin of upper class women.
4.woman should not see man with doubtful sight because every man is not bad.first feminist is akbar and ram mohan roy they are is need to establish coordination between them.
4.women have a chalenging point how to persuate a man .because without man cant get her ambition.
5.the base of society will be constructed on rationality not caste,religion etc because no religion gives similar right to woman.
6.increasment in technology is most. a day most challenging point is
In society, developing thought is increased rapidly and woman also stepping forwards but the thought of male is not incresed in comparision of that a contradiction is also spreaded his foot in indian society.